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Join in!

Some super new work has been added to the site. I’ve also added my own piece now. How can I nag you all for work and not add something of my own?

Please join in and add your own comments about the writing. This can be a platform where we can make some more considered constructive criticism than we can manage in ‘class’, where we’re always a bit pressed for time (and tea!)

‘Time and tea wait for no man’… I’m rambling now!


Notice the ‘Tag Cloud’ on the right hand column. This should enable us to find work easily. Try clicking on the tags and see how it works. Please send me suggestions/alterations if you can think of further useful tags we can add.


Torbay Writers make a splash!

This is the one-stop spot for Torbay U3A Creative Writing group. Here you will find recent work by the group. That will include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays and articles.

There will also be links to lots of useful resources and fellow writing groups.