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April homework

This is a good site for a little light-hearted fun:


The homework is the find the pairs of words in the ‘Oxford Word Challenge’. (Unfortunately we are left to our own devices, as the ‘Answers’ button takes you through to a page which simply says ‘there are no answers yet’!*)

Use them as inspiration to write something of your own. You can use just one pair of words, and perhaps write a story based on an amusing misunderstanding between them. Or perhaps you can weave several together? As always, let it take you where it will: poetry, short story, flash fiction, non fiction article… all welcome.

*We have ANSWERS!

We brainstormed the ‘Oxford Word Challenge’ yesterday and now have full answers:

plain/plane: due/dew: naval/navel: links/lynx: time/thyme: beat/beet: allowed/aloud: tenor/tenner: gorilla/guerilla: sort/sought: barred/bard: Sunday/sundae: chased/chaste: llama/lama: Rambo/Rimbaud.



Something Simon introduced at class today, a Hitchcock speciality, the MacGuffin.

This month’s homework (November 2014)

You know when you’ve established your story and now you have to get your characters to your stunning ending? And how, sometimes, even YOU get bored with the action – or lack thereof – in the middle section of your short story or article.

Here’s an exercise on how to tackle ‘The troublesome middle’, as explained by Jurgen Wolff in ‘Your Writing Coach’.


How about the challenge of writing a 50,000 novel in November?

I’m going to try it!


This month’s homework (October 2014)


More idea generators!



Random word generator

One of my favourite ways to get ideas for short stories – randomly selecting interesting words.

I’ve just found a great program on the web that means I don’t have to drag my massive Collins Dictionary off the shelf!

Random word generator

Join in!

Some super new work has been added to the site. I’ve also added my own piece now. How can I nag you all for work and not add something of my own?

Please join in and add your own comments about the writing. This can be a platform where we can make some more considered constructive criticism than we can manage in ‘class’, where we’re always a bit pressed for time (and tea!)

‘Time and tea wait for no man’… I’m rambling now!


Notice the ‘Tag Cloud’ on the right hand column. This should enable us to find work easily. Try clicking on the tags and see how it works. Please send me suggestions/alterations if you can think of further useful tags we can add.